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Building sounds from the bottom up with sound packs and toolkits

Sound kits and game-ready assets to construct your game sound
Toolkits for sound designers

Toolkits are individual sound recordings that can be layered using FMod, Wwise or simmilar tools to get new dynamic sounds.

Check Impacts, Hits & Debris examples below

Game-ready sound packs

Different game-ready, drag & drop recordings that can be used directly in your game engine of choice. Loopable environments and loopable elements such as ham radios or quadcopter sounds

Loopable environments

Stereo environments, ambisonic recordings (VR-ready) and mono environment elements (birds, frogs and other sounds)

Impacts, Hits & Debris toolkit

This sound kit is useful for hitting or destroying objects sounds (Metal, bricks, debris and others).

Make sure to check the short tutorial movies of examples on how to use this pack. For instance, these can also be used to create "Blips and blops" user interfaces, designing sound for logo animations. Check the sound design done for our partner Witanalytica. or the 3D animation example below.

3D animation example

Unreal Engine example

FMod example

*check Video Examples for more

Breathing System

Sound Pack

This package contains individual inhale and exhale sound samples recorded for a dynamic breathing system.

Urban and Rural environments sound pack

A growing collection of mono and stereo environment sounds including birds, crickets and loopable sounds. As a result, your games or scenes can sound more immersive.

Water related sound pack

Different recordings of water related sounds like boiling water, pouring water in different recipients, drinking water and other similar sounds. Combining these can result in multiple water textures or other sounds. It all depends on your creativity!

Farm animals sound pack

Farm animals sounds perfect for creating custom monster or creature sounds. As a result, your creativity can lead to new species sounds.

Ham Radio sound pack

Different ham radio operation noises and radio communication sounds. For instance, these can be used in military type of games or internal radio equipment.

*check Video Examples for more

Best Toolkit For Gore-ish Sounds

Everything you need for horror gore-related games. Usually, if not all the time, these kinds of sounds are actually fruits and vegetables recorded and that's exactly what we did. We created a pack that comes with different variations of hits, and we recorded the way vegetables and fruits crack. The results of your creativity can translate to gruesome sounds.

*Only fruits and vegetables were harmed during these recordings

*check Video Examples for more

Steps Sound Pack

For the moment:

Multiple samples of military boots

  1. Sneak (on Dirt, Grass and Metal)
  2. Walk (on Dirt, Grass and Metal)
  3. Run (on Dirt, Grass and Metal)
  4. Jump and land (on Dirt, Grass and Metal)

Multiple samples of sneakers (Walk, run, jump and land on cement, leaves and water)

As a result, if used in games you can have game-ready steps for multiple surfaces.

*check Video Examples for more

Electric motors

Sound pack

This sound pack ranges from electric car motors to small electric motors. It also has some servomotors and water pumps. This can be useful sounds for creating robot noises or other similar equipment noise.

*check Video Examples for more